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When Is a Personal Loan Better Than a Credit Card: A Guide

Applying for a personal loan is convenient and more preferred among more experienced adults earning money for a long time. However, this type of financing is not prominent among young professionals and budding entrepreneurs since they would often say the credit card is a better option.

In reality, it all boils down to what kind of situation you are in, especially when considering your daily needs, any existing debts, and savings for more long-term goals. To have a better gauge if you should opt for personal loaning over a credit card, refer to the following situations wherein a loan is more preferred:

When you need to have more time to meet your debt

As you may already know, most credit cards have high-interest rates. You can prevent paying for the interest if you satisfy the balance in full before your cred card statement is due. Therefore, if you want to buy or pay for something you can pay off in a month, you can opt for a credit card.

However, you may often find that is not the case due to the economic challenges of today’s day and age, especially being further amplified by the global pandemic. Thus, a personal loan would be better primarily because you can pay it off in years and enjoy significantly lower interest rates. This way, you can finance more crucial expenses as your debt-income ratio improves.

When putting together all acquired debt to be paid eventually

You may be aware that some kinds of credit cards allow for debt consolidation, and you can even get a reduced interest rate through this process. In fact, if you have some credit cards, you can opt for a balance transfer to unite all these fees into one card.

Supposedly, this option means that you can have a zero introductory rate within a set period to reduce debt payback. The problem is balance transfer does have a credit limit, meaning you will be forced to pay more in the long run.

As an effective solution, going for a personal loan is more financially responsible than debt consolidation through credit cards. You have more time for payments and a more reasonable repayment plan, such as higher borrowed amounts and lower interest rates. You can even avoid the temptation of swiping your credit card as you prioritize your financial stability. Just ensure you consult with a loan officer on personal loaning to help you navigate through the process.

When you need extra cash for a house repair

Preserving your house’s condition is a must to ensure your financial security is also in check. If you don’t, it may significantly affect your daily living expenses. For instance, when your roof deteriorates and leaks, you need to pay higher electricity costs because you have to turn up the setting to keep your house cool or warm, depending on the weather. Fortunately, that is where a personal loan would be useful.

As compared to credit cards, going through personal loaning can help you better prepare for any big-time expenses associated with fixing your residential property. While there is a favorable limit for some cards, you may not get the amount you need and pay it back in time to avoid paying for the interest. On the other hand, personal loans are better because they have significantly lower interest, and you can get a larger amount of funding to fix your property. It also allows you to repay what you owe easily as you gain the benefits of having an efficient house.


Opting for personal loans may be the best way to go to handle your finances. Fortunately, you now have a better understanding of why you should opt for this option instead of using your credit card. Just ensure you get a deal that fits your long-term goals of being fiscally sustainable. Meanwhile, if you are having trouble choosing the right plans, consult with professionals like us.

We at Stones River Credit can provide you with the best personal loans in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. We offer installment loans to give you favorable means of financing yourself while managing your debt more effectively. Visit our website to know the requirements for application and call us at 615-896-5006 if you have any questions.

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